5 days course
€ 420,-

Paragliding - Thermal training

Climbing at 5 m/s while the others circle downwards? It sounds like a dream but is easily learned! Our thermal training will introduce you to all meteorological factors and give you practical tips on how to find and identify thermals. You will learn how to correctly judge weather conditions, to centre on thermals correctly and safely, and how to actively fly in thermals!

Feel the air!

Our flying instructors will analyse your flying, improve your technique by giving you valuable tips; and create a great atmosphere to ensure that, very soon, you will not only love your paraglider but also your variometer!



  • Paragliding license ('A' license)
  • Good spirits

What is included?

  • Free transport with the flying school's bus
  • Radio support for all fights
  • Full professional assistance of a flying instructor from launch until landing
  • Individual training in small groups
  • Check-up and error analysis using video
  • High-level flights with an altitude difference of between 400 - 1400m with radio support
  • Individual thermal training
  • Theory instruction
  • If required, organisation of low-cost accommodation close to the flying school.
  • 'B' license, cross-country permit possible at the same time
  • Free camping available on Flugschule land


  • Dates for 2018 on request
  • Special dates possible at any time from 3 hang-glider pilots

5 DAYS COURSE: € 395,00