3 days course
€ 440,-

Paragliding - Safety training

Learn how to handle your glider in various different situations and about its limitations, in a safe environment. Practice different flight manoeuvres so that in an emergency, you can react correctly and quickly. Because being in full control of your glider will allow you to better master critical situations. There are 3 remaining places on our safety training course at Lake Idro in Italy. With our friendly guides Luca (who is half Italian) and paragliding legend Andre Bucher, we will try to alleviate any fears you might have of the extreme flying manoeuvres that our favourite sport can present.

Individual security program

Depending on requirements and self-assessment, the training programme will be tailored to each individual pilot, irrespective of flying experience and type of glider (DHV 1 or open class).
Everything can be practiced: from folding the wingtips under ‘big ears’ at the trim speed or even at full acceleration, B-line stalls, full stalls or even negative stalls….

Naturally, we will also provide you with a lifejacket and waterproof radio equipment.


  • Own equipment
  • Good spirits

What is included?

  • Professional instruction and support from Luca
  • Transport
  • Lifejacket
  • Waterproof radio equipment
  • Local accommodation (Rooms not included in the price)
  • Meeting point at the school
  • Or directly at Idro Lake landing field


  • Dates for 2018 on request
  • From 6 persons special dates
  • Just call and ask

3 DAYS COURSE: € 440,00