1 day course
€ 100,-*

Paragliding - Refresher course

The effective way to reduce insecurity in the air and uneasiness underneath the glider! Our refresher course offers pilots who have had a long break from flying, or who lack practical experience, the perfect opportunity, to start gliding again and/or to optimise their own safety when flying.

Confidently at one with the wind!

The initial check-up from one of our experienced pilots involves analysing existing deficits and, depending on your level, correcting them either on the practice slope or in high-level flights.

Techniques such as launching, reading the terrain and safe handling of the glider etc. will be perfected in individual performance training sessions.


  • Tuition certificate
  • Good spirits

What is included?

  • Free transport with the flying school's bus
  • Radio support for all fights
  • Full professional assistance of a flying instructor from launch until landing
  • Individual training in small groups
  • Check-up and error analysis
  • High-level flights with an altitude difference of between 400 - 1400m with radio support
  • If required, organisation of low-cost accommodation close to the flying school.
  • Free camping available in Flugschule grounds


  • At anytime on request

1 DAY COURSE: € 100,00 without rental material

1 DAY COURSE: € 150,00 with rental material