4 days course
€ 390,-

Paragliding - High-level flight training (‘A-license’)

In the paragliding license training course you will acquire extensive theoretical knowledge in the areas of aerodynamics, flying techniques and dangers; and learn about equipment, aviation weather, first-aid and aviation medicine, navigation and terrain, as well as environmental issues. We also plan to include a number of high-level flights, to make sure you are fully prepared for the practical test.

The ticket to enjoyable flying!

With the internationally recognised paragliding license you have the necessary requirements to participate in general flying activities, incl. thermal and cross-country flights.


  • A license or training certificate with a min. of 40 high-level flights
  • Good spirits

What is included?

  • Free transport to the flying areas by our own bus
  • Theory instruction in our own training room
  • Theory documentation
  • Theory and practical tests (‘A-license’)
  • If required, organisation of low-cost accommodation close to the flying school.
  • Free camping available in Flugschule grounds


  • From March to November 2018 adjusted to the compact course and high-level flight training date
  • Just call us and you get information

4 DAYS COURSE: € 390,00