Instruction - paragliders & hang-gliders

As the American David Barish presented the first "Sailwing", a 5-sail parachute, in September 1965 in the Cat Hills near New York, for many people it was love at first sight. Today, there is still just as much enthusiasm for flying.

A sport with flair

Paragliding and hang gliding - for many years a sport for just a few individualists with a sense of adventure and discovery, which has now become a lifestyle statement for numerous enthusiasts around the world.

A sport with breathtaking dimensions that attracts an ever increasing number of people. The result of this is a growing demand for the services offered by flying schools and other providers.

That’s why factors such as the reliability of the providers, high safety standards and professionalism are playing an increasing role in the magic formula determining consumer choice.

Practical tuition from professionals!

Fly with first-class service

With its first-class service, Zillertaler Flugschule will do everything possible to show you just how enjoyable flying can be and make it a fantastic experience for you. Our business is driven by our enthusiasm for flying and satisfaction in developing innovative training methods for like-minded people.

An enthusiasm that we are delighted to pass on to you in our courses! Whether old or young, a beginner or advanced pilot: Zillertaler Flugschule specialises in instruction in small groups, because individual instruction creates the best basis for guaranteeing that you make progress. Our highly qualified flying instructors combine top professionalism with tuition that is both interesting and varied.

We place particular importance on creating a good atmosphere, because training only really works when it's also fun. We want you to feel at home in the air and to be able to enjoy flying for what it is: a new and unique experience every time!